Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) - Twin Falls Police want to assure parents of children at the Canyon Ridge High school that everyone is safe. On Friday, Twin Falls Police Captain Matt Hicks said there were two separate incidents on Friday involving two Male students who had made threatening comments about the school. Captain Hicks said both incidents were separate cases. The first student was immediately suspended from school. Authorities say the student’s parents have been very cooperative and have made sure the teen does not have access to any weapons. His parents are removing him from the school. Captain Hicks said the youth is 18 so he will not be allowed in any Twin Falls School.

The second incident involved juvenile male. He also made threatening remarks. When authorities conducted a search of his personal property they found a throwing star type weapon. The student was taken to the Detention center in Twin Falls. Police say that the youth will be expelled from the Twin Falls School district.

Captain Hicks wants to assure everyone there are no safety issues for any school students. The separate incidents have been dealt with, he said.
School officials issued the following statement:
We are hearing from a number of parents about a rumor in relation to a threat against CRHS. While there was an incident with a couple students, they been dealt with and at no time were students at CRHS in danger. Currently, there is no threat to the safety and welfare of the students at CRHS. The safety of students is our number one concern and we will continue to partner with the Twin Falls Police Department to maintain a safe environment for our students.