Two Colorado men are in the Mini-Cassia Criminal Justice Center after they tried to rob the Walmart in Burley stabbing a man in the process. The Times News reports that 46-year-old Robert Joseph Lambert entered the store last Wednesday wearing a mask or hood and took a cash cart, containing thousands of dollars, away from an employee. As he was exiting the store he ran into a cart with a baby in it, and then struck the mother. He hit hard enough that the baby was almost ejected. The woman’s husband confronted Lambert who pulled a knife and stabbed him. Eventually, the man was able to wrestle Lambert to the ground where other customers helped keep him until police arrived. The Times news reports that  the father's wound was superficial. Lambert also allegedly tried to stab the second shopper. Lambert’s alleged accomplice, 37 year old Tommy Dean Nash was waiting in the parking lot. He fled the scene but was later arrested in Gooding County. The two men have been charged with charged with felony aggravated battery, two counts of criminal conspiracy and injury to a child.