Highway 93 turned out to be a dangerous road to be on Independence day. The first accident occurred at around 11:00 Monday night. 40 year old Ken Kuntz, of Hazelton, who was driving a 2003 Ford F150, was stopped in a construction zone. 24 year old  Clint Beal, of Hansen, who was driving 2003 Ford Windstar van, was stopped behind him. Police say 23 year old Victor Pineda, of Grand View, who was driving a 1995 Honda Accord, struck Beal's van and pushed the vehicle into Kuntz truck. A small child inside the van was severally injured and take to Magic Valley medical center. A short while later at around 11:13 police say 21 year old Christopher Nicolet, of California, was driving his Honda Accord, when for unknown reasons, 41 year old Larry House, of Filer, crossed the road unexpectedly and was hit by Nicolet.