Money Badger KSNQ 2013

Money Badger is CRAZY! Win your share of $52,000 from the Money Badger! Watch him give away cash in slow motion.

Ninety-Eight Point Three, The Snake wants you to win cash! There’s a chance to win One Thousand Dollars every weekday in November (except Thanksgiving–Money Badger doesn’t care about Thanksgiving)! Whenever you hear the Q2CALL call 1-877-854 WINS. That’s 1-877-854-9467. The 25th caller wins cash!

You could be the 26th caller if you want. Money Badger don’t give a (BLEEP).

Get unlimited entries to win TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS CASH by becoming a Snake VIP.

The Money Badger is pretty bad ass, it has no regard for any other contests. The Money Badger just gives what it wants.