It’s time to vote for your favorite pics in our 2016 Christmas Pet Photo Contest.

The 2016 Christmas Pet Photo Contest is brought to you by Valley View Veterinary Clinic. Here’s how it works. You can vote once daily for your favorite pic now through December 21, 2016, if you’re a registered VIP.

We will announce the winner Thursday morning, December 22nd 2016. The pet with the most votes will win an XBOX ONE and a $100 gift certificate from Valley View Veterinary Clinic.

NOTE: By submitting an entry, all participants agreed that no harm came to their pet, nor were they put in harm’s way to enter this contest.

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Valley View Veterinary Clinic in Twin Falls is a mixed animal clinic that spends about half of their time working on dogs and cats, and the other half working on cattle (beef and dairy), horses, elk, alpacas, goats, pigs, sheep, and bison. They provide general, affordable veterinary care for both small and large animals. Valley View Veterinary Clinic is located at 2355 Beryl Avenue in Twin Falls, and can be reached by calling (208) 734-7966.