Only In Your State said it. I didn't believe it. So, I looked it up. They may be correct. Idaho maybe consumes more of this than any other state. Wanna guess what it is?

Give yourself a cookie if you said wine.

This started when I was reading a blog by Only In Your State about incredible Idaho fun facts. #9 claimed that Idaho drank more wine than any other state. That didn't sound right to me, unless you're talking about the Sun Valley area. But, at least one website backs this up.

The first one I looked at was Vine Pair. You would think having "vine" in the title would give them some credibility if you're wanting wine facts.

The first thing that stands out on the map of wine consumption is that Idaho takes home the number one spot.

That doesn't jive with numbers I found from the previous year, according to Business Insider. On their list, Idaho isn't even close to the top. Based on amount of wine consumption per person, Idaho averages around 8 liters per capita while the drunkards - er - I mean residents of the District of Columbia throw down 25.7. Thank you, Congress.

So, chalk this one up to a great big "maybe". Idaho may consume more wine than any other state or maybe we don't. I'll trust the more up-to-date website that has "vine" in its name and say yes to Idaho being the toast of the US.