This past weekend I watched the new "Thor: The Dark World" movie and it rocked!  The large popcorn and Wild Cherry Pepsi helped too.  So if you plan on seeing Thor 2, is there a bonus scene after the credits?  Scroll down to find out.

Marvel Entertainment, Marvel Studios

YES!  There are not one, but two credits to watch for.  There are mid credits and end credits.

Here is the Mid Credit scene of "Thor: The Dark World:"

What about the end credits for "Thor: The Dark World"?  I just spent the last hour searching for it on Youtube and I can't find it!  I know it exists, because I watched it last night.  Here's what happens, Thor returns to earth and kisses Jane.  He's wearing a shirt in this scene.  I'm sad too.

So did you stay and watch both credit scenes?  What did you think of Thor 2?