There are many reasons that we leave adults in charge of children and we don't let a 5 year old kid be in charge of watching a bunch of younger kids. The main reason - kids make really dumb choices. What is the worst idea you had as a kid?

I remember making many poor choices!

During a sleepover we were outside playing with fire and filled a bottle with lighter fluid and started spraying it into the fire. When it lit the stream, my friend jerked the bottle and the flame went across the wall and onto my other friend's leg and burnt off all his leg hair. It could have been worse, but we were kids and since everybody was fine we didn't learn from the mistake and lit the cement wall on fire a few minutes later.

We also dug a 4 foot deep hole in my neighbors yard and put a few toys in it to catch a thief that had been stealing toys. The plan was to wait until somebody came to steal the toys and then bury them. That's a bad idea. It gets worse. We realized that if the hole was only 4 feet deep the thief could get out easy so we but a bunch of sharp stakes in the ground to main the crook and make it easier to bury them...we never caught anybody though because waiting around for stupid stuff to happen wasn't our thing. So we went and did something stupid ourselves.

Here are a few great ones from Reddit.

1.  "I wanted to be a garbage truck . . . so I bit into a light bulb."

2.  "I came up with a brilliant scheme where I'd always overpay for things so I could get lots of change back . . . and therefore become wealthy."

3.  "I loved ginger ale, so I thought eating a spoonful of powdered ginger from the spice rack would be delicious."

4.  "I decided to test our 'no tears' shampoo by squeezing it directly into my eye."

5.  "I built a little house using an umbrella, bricks, a bucket, and a deck chair.  To prove to my mom how real and functional the house was, I pooped in the bucket."

6.  "I wanted to see what salt smelled like.  I was at McDonald's, opened a packet of salt, poured it on a French fry, stuck it in my nose, and inhaled."

7.  "When I was eight, my friend and I made a parachute out of my bed sheets . . . and jumped from the third floor of my house.  Both of us broke both of our legs."

8.  "I put my finger in a light bulb socket so I could see my skeleton, like in cartoons."

What is the stupidest thing you did as a kid?