I’m not sure if you’ve heard the media blitz, but we’re giving you a chance to win cold, hard, cash twice every weekday in May. Listen for the Cue To Call. When you hear it, call 1-877-854-WINS. If you’re caller number 25, you win $1,000 instantly. Plus we have a $10,000 drawing in our VIP Club! So what if you win $10,000? What are you going to do with it in Twin Falls? Here’s my top five ideas.

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    Learn To Fly A Helicopter

    Now that you have $10,000 the law of gravity has a weaker hold on you, thus you should learn to fly a helicopter. Plus, once you’re a pilot, you can totally strafe the houses of everyone that ever got on your nerves and shout “I won $10,000 and YOU didn't!” Of course, the FAA frowns on strafing houses... but you can afford the fine.

    Terry Morgan
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    Get Your Home Completely Landscaped

    You know those waterfalls we always display at the Southern Idaho Home and Garden Show? I want one of those. In my house. I imagine I could do that with $10,000, but a better idea would be to call Kimberly Nurseries and have my landscaping redone. Then I could put the awesome waterfall wherever I wanted. And then sit in it.

    Kimberly Nurseries
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    Get A Hot Tub

    After a long, hard day of spending your $10,000, you need a place to relax. Why not in your very own HOT TUB! Plus those in the know will tell you that even if it gets cold and snows, there’s still no place better than a hot tub.

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    Get A Four Wheeler And Tear It Up!

    I wouldn’t really consider myself an “outdoorsy” kind of person, but even I think there’s something incredibly fun about firing up the Four Wheeler and tearing out into the dirt and mud. I would totally take my $10,000 to Adventure Motorsports and get the new 2012 Yamaha Grizzly 4x4, and ride.

    Yamaha/Adventure Motorsports
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    $10,000 By The Numbers

    Face it. This is really what you’re going to do with $10,000. Here’s what you can do with $10,000 right here in Twin Falls:

    • $10,000 could buy you 2,172 Depot Burgers with fries from Depot Grill.
    • Go Cosmic Bowling at the Bowl-A-Drome once per month for 83 years.
    • Fill your gas tank twice a month for 5 years.
    • Ski for 20 years at Pomerelle.
    • Go see a movie every week for 23 years.
    City of Twin Falls