It's 2016, so you would think that society would have worked out all of its stupidity by now. Guess again. A new study indicates that when it comes to equality for women, Idaho and Utah have a long ways to go.

Wallet Hub did the breakdown based on a wide variety of factors including workplace environment, education and political empowerment. There are 15 factors that are involved in this list. The map showing how each state ranks reveals something odd about our part of the country.

Source: WalletHub

Isn't it odd that Washington state, Oregon and California do very well for women, but Idaho ranks very low at #37 and Utah is the absolute worst at #50?

The one metric that stands out is the disparity between how many hours women have to work versus men. Both Idaho and Utah are way down the list.

Do you agree that Idaho and Utah need to improve life for women or is this list a bunch of hogwash?