Some Idaho car dealerships that sell Japanese made cars are bracing for a potentially difficult summer.  That's because Toyota announced last week there could be a shortage of their cars being sent to dealerships.  As a result of the earthquake in Japan last month, the production of some parts used to make new cars was suspended. No parts means fewer cars being built, which means come this summer, there could be fewer new Japanese cars on the lots.  Even though some factories are reopening, they're only able to turn out half the amount cars they used to.  In America, Toyota’s inventory is high so dealers are hoping any shortage won’t be significant but the dealers are still expecting to receive fewer cars.  It's not  just Toyota.  Some other Japanese car dealers like Honda and Subaru, are also facing possible vehicle shortages. And if  the shortages do in fact happen we could see the prices on some of those newer cars rise so that the manufacturer can recoup costs.  For those who currently own a Japanese made car, dealerships say there would be no interruption in service or the availability of parts.