Sneezing is one the human body’s most addictive natural functions. For some reason, it feels good. Why is that?

The act of sneezing produces a physical feeling of euphoria like a small adrenaline rush that relieves growing tension caused from the build-up to the big, final blow.

Ear, eye, nose and throat specialist Dr. Holly Boyer of the University of Minnesota said the entire process of sneezing creates a massive amount of tension and relieves it at the same time. As the sneeze begins to build, it creates great muscle tension in the chest and the sneeze allows the body to expel it in one fell swoop.

At the same time, the sneeze also creates a feeling of euphoria in the brain, releasing endorphins that produce the good feelings that come from sneezing. The endorphins can even start to bubble up with the anticipation of a sneeze coming on by that familiar tingling in the nose. For some, the feeling can be so intense that other good feelings can produce a sneezing fit. A British medical study found several cases of people who suddenly began sneezing during sex.