You may have heard all the buzz lately about Bitcoin.  What is Bitcoin?  It's a type of digital currency.  You can buy Bitcoins with cash.  Then you buy stuff.  It's global, so people can buy and sell Bitcoins with their local currency.

Why use Bitcoins at all?  Well, there are several reported advantages.  For one, transactions don't happen through a bank.  This eliminates that pesky 3% fee that you might get charged for transactions using a credit card, Paypal, etc.

Second, the Bitcoin code is open-source, so Bitcoin users are the ones making improvements to it.  In theory, its success rises and falls on the people using it.  Pretty cool.  Many users like that they have totally open access to the "behind-the-scenes."

Bitcoin is gaining some serious traction this holiday season.  Not only do many regulators and investors like it, but it may be an ideal choice for small businesses given the low fees and global reach.  One wealthy venture capitalist has even set up an entire website giving small businesses free exposure for their holiday deals if they start accepting Bitcoins!

Here's how to get Bitcoins if you're interested.  Will you use Bitcoin this holiday season?