The battle between Xavier Charter School and it’s suspended principal continues.  The Times News reports today that arbitration may not happen after all.  The school’s principal, Cindy Fulcher,  was placed on paid leave in August.  She then sued the school’s board of trustees in an attempt to keep her job. In November, lawyers for Fulcher and Xavier Charter School met with 5th District Judge John Butler to present a plan to place Fulcher’s future in the hands of a three-member panel rather than the school’s board. Both sides were given  90 days to proceed.  Both sides were scheduled to meet March 14th but legal counsel for Xavier now intends to ask to dismiss the arbitration agreement.  According to the arbitration agreement, Butler could force the sides to proceed. Neither side as said why Fulcher was originally placed on leave.  Fulcher is asking for an injunction to keep the board from meeting to fire her, and for an independent panel to be formed solely to decide her future as Xavier Charter School’s principal.