I get that as parents our job is to take care of our kids. We have to make sure they are safe and healthy all the time...but at what point (if any) do we need to release the reigns and stop keeping track of them.

When I was in High School I would stay out really late some nights and my mom was always waiting for me on the couch when I got home (thanks mom). She wouldn't call me incessantly or come out to find me if I was late. She had her own way of making sure I was OK. Some parents are a bit more extreme and then some are just plain crazy!

If you've got kids in college, there's a new app lets you know if they're skipping classes.  It's called Class 120, and your kid has to upload their schedule first. Then the app uses GPS to track them, and you get an email if they're not where they should be. Now - this seems a bit overboard unless you are the parent paying for their classes then you have every right to keep tabs on them. But if they have moved out and are taking care of themselves shouldn't you let them do that? Or as a parent is it still your job to check in on them all the time?

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