The Boise State Bronco ladies are representing the Mountain West with their second year in the #1 spot. The BSU women have just taken home the Mountain West Championship by beating New Mexico Monday 70-66.

The Bronco ladies are doing what the men haven't been able to do, win. I heard so much about the men's team but can a sista get a shout-out? I realize that men have a lot of expectation with Leon Rice (from Gonzaga) coaching but this might be their worst season and the women are crushing it. What's that about?

I was having this conversation with my co-host, Kat Fisher, and it was somewhat of a debate. For instance, she thinks the WNBA would have better popularity if sponsors kicked in more money to support. I suppose that could be a theory but will it ever rival the NBA? It's like watching people run the ball in football. Nobody wants to see that. Throw the rock baby! In basketball fans wanna see dunks, period.

The WNBA came to the party late and not by their fault. The average female player makes $71,000 compared to the men's $10,000,000. Who knows when or if it will ever change. The WNBA is only 22 years old while the NBA has been around for 72 years. I think a start is to celebrate women more and give them their recognition.

The Bronco women play in the same conference as the men and took some pretty good licks from #5 Louisville and Washington State this year. They bounced back to claim the championship and we'll see how they do in the next tournament.

I'm sure it's hard to play in the shadow of the Boise State Bronco's football team. We all know that the blue turf is where the money goes but if you wanna change that, win championships. Win. It's terrible to say, but it's true. Win and the fans will show up. That's two in a row and time people start paying attention!

Good luck!

Congratulations to the Boise State Women's Basketball team led by Gordy Presnell, Cody Butler, Heather Sower, and Cariann Ramirez.

Big Props to the ladies

  • Sofia Galeron
  • Braydey Hodgins
  • Tess Amundsen
  • Marta Hermida
  • Riley Lupfer
  • Ellie Woerner
  • Jayde Christopher
  • Rachel Bowers
  • Jade Loville
  • Marijke Vanderschaaf
  • Mallory McGwire
  • Joyce Harrell
  • Maggie Freeman
  • A'shanti Coleman
  • Emerald Toth

If I missed anyone please message me @Kekeluv

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