Residents of the Burley area are being threatened by a phone scam.  If you receive word that the city of Burley is changing out meters and requires you to pay a fee, this is a scam and completely untrue.

According to KMVT-TV:

The scam then indicates the resident must pay $233 for a new meter. The resident is told to buy a cash card to complete the transaction. The Cassia county sheriff’s office warns residents not to respond to the calls as they are false and a scam.

The reason this scam is so effective is that the city of Burley really is in the process of changing out old electric and water meters because they are upgrading to more efficient meters. However, the city of Burley is NOT requiring residents to pay for these new meters, which will come equipped with automatic reads.

If you receive one of these calls, contact the Cassia County Sheriff’s Office.