Independence Day

When Is The Magic Valley Speedway 2015 Fireworks Show
Celebrate the 4th of July like an American. What's more American than NASCAR racing and an over the top fireworks show! The Magic Valley Speedway's Independence Day celebration is full of fireworks, the trailer race of destruction, and NASCAR racing action!
How Much Money Did The 4th Of July Cost You
The long weekend is over and it was great! We spent time with family, ate great food, and had one of the best home fireworks shows in the history of our family! I didn't really think about the cost of our festivities at the time because we were 4 families pitching in together to make memories.
10 Things You Didn't Know
The legend of America’s birth is only 238 years old. However, in that short amount of time, a number of legends that would normally take centuries to grow and multiply in any other civilization have sprung up.
How To Properly Dispose of Used Fireworks
You don't want to end your Independence Celebration with a fire.  And with temps in the high 90's, our yards and fields have been turned into kindling.
There are a few, simple things you can do with your fireworks to reduce the chance of something catching fire after you dispose of you…
Fireworks Safety Tips
Most of the U.S. has been dealing with hot, dry weather for the past week.  So it's the exact WRONG time to be setting off millions of fireworks.  But obviously, it's gonna happen no matter what.
Twin Falls to Double Efforts on Fireworks Enforcement
Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) The City of Twin Falls has beefed up its enforcement when comes to the regulation of fireworks. Stands have popped across the Magic Valley this week. Idaho’s First News reports If you live in Twin Falls, you can only light off safe and sane fir…
Top Story Podcast 7/5/12
On today's Top Story...Are you considered a "right wing extremist" by the U.S. government? A lifeguard who left his jurisdictional area to save a life and got fired and ISP. Also, everything you wanted to know about Medicare/Medicade coverage and when you should sign up

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