Memorial Day

Memorial Day, Buhl, Idaho
My maternal grandmother called it Decoration Day until her death 20 years ago.  Memorial Day didn’t become enshrined by the federal government until 1971.
We Long for a Place & Not a Past (Opinion)
I think most people have a longing for the past.  This morning, I saw a post at Crisis related to our yearning for security.  The writer says we aren’t looking at a time we’re thinking of a place.  Two events this week have me longing for my hometown so…
Bittersweet Memorial Day (Opinion)
Memorial Day brings bittersweet emotions.  I remember the holiday from my days as a kid and am filled with pride because of the stories I heard of heroism and the sound of flags flapping in the breeze and the quiet parade where the boots of the color guard tapped the pavement along Main Street.…

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