This is great! The flow was recently increased and now the Shoshone Falls look like they should - you can check out the live video feed of the Shoshone Falls! You can check this any time and anywhere.

I think this will be very helpful when friends or family come to town and want to see the Falls. You can check beforehand to see if they will be impressed or disappointed.

Live Video Feed Of The Shoshone Falls

You can see the video here at the Shoshone Falls site.

A small note - I had to refresh the page 5 times before it actually started working. So be patient and enjoy the view. If it doesn't work, make sure you choose the M-JPED stream option in the top left corner.

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Beautiful and Dangerous Ice In Snake River Canyon

During the winter there are massive icicles, or the kids called them frozen waterfalls, all along the wall. The ice is beautiful and extremely dangerous.

Beautiful Box Canyon Waterfall and River

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