The Chevy Silverado in this Super Bowl ad has enough power to keep hauling heifers around the country until the cows come home, for a whole lot of lovin'.

In this latest of Super Bowl 2014 ads, we see a dedicated cowboy steer his steer in the trailer of his Silverado all over the place. This commercial starts off with the Silverado's infamous tagline, "a man and his truck...", which has been used before plenty of times by Chevy in order to tell advertising stories about their large powerhouse of a 4x4. Last year, a Chevy Silverado commercial started off with the same tagline in a very emotional commercial, called "Broken Fence". "Broken Fence" featured a cowboy searching for a lost calf in the middle of a dark storm as he used his Silverado to haul the little cow back home.

This Silverado commercial features a ruggedly handsome cow wrangler as he goes from place to place with a fully grown bull in the trailer attached to his Silverado. The narrator calls the cow a "very elligible bachelor", which easily could have been said of the driver. With the way the narrator is describing the scenario, it would seem that the driver is quite the lady charmer. But to our surprise, the stud of the commercial is revealed to be the bull once the owner puts him in a pen with four female cows. The females stare at the bull, insinuating that there's going to be some cow-tipping that night.

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