Can you have confidence in a church that tells you the rule book and then bends the rules for others?  Last week a picture was in the local newspaper of two men celebrating at their wedding reception following a civil ceremony.  For liberal newspapers this is the new normal but for those of us in the Roman faith we’re told just such a union isn’t recognized.  In fact I’ve been told anyone living in a sinful relationship, whether it be opposite-sex or same-sex, should be denied communion.

Usually I attend an 8:30 mass on Sunday mornings but today reversed my day and did early errands and then made my way to church for a 10:30 service.  There were two men ahead of my by half-a-dozen rows.  They were dressed identically and had the same haircut.  At first I thought they were twins but later noticed when they stood one was considerably shorter than the other.  Then as they went to the altar for communion I recognized them from the newspaper photograph.

Some questions.  Does my Pastor know these men?  Did he see the picture in the paper?  Does he care this raises serious questions about what the church teaches?  Does it excuse my myriad sins?  Is my pastor trying to play nice and avoid a confrontation?  In a similar situation in Maryland a priest was removed from church duties by the Washington, D.C. Archdiocese for playing by the rules.  Does my Pastor fear a similar rebuke?  Is Nancy Pelosi right?  Does being a Roman Catholic now mean we make up the rules as we go along to serve the latest cultural fashions?

Is Nancy Pelosi now Pope?
Is Nancy Pelosi now Pope?

Please help me on this one.  This may be the final nail in the coffin of my Catholicism.

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