I received a Google Alert telling me I’m on the Bogy’s radar.  As a right-of-center talk show host I wonder why it took so long.  Some guy who has never had a date with a woman and works from his parent’s basement doesn’t like my approach to radio.  A business he knows little about and you can read his rambling at this link.  I checked out his site and looked at the about section.  He claims to represent a group but it may actually be multiple personalities in one skull.  He insists Idaho is a progressive state.  No Democrat appears to have taken Idaho in a Presidential Election in more than half-a-century.  There are no Democrats in statewide office that I’m yet aware but I’m still learning.  Legislative Democrats could caucus in a closet.  The writer lives in a dream world.  A friend tracked him down and e-mailed me a photograph.  He appears to be standing in a wooded area and possibly ready to toilet himself.  I’d like to thank him for his commercial for my program.

Lefty's backfire bombing is called breaking wind! Courtesy, Bill Colley
Lefty's backfire bombing is called breaking wind! Courtesy, Bill Colley

If you’ll notice what the guy says about where I’m from he attempts to paint me as a wine tippling Manhattan elitist.  In other words one of his fellow travelers.  I was actually born and raised a 9 hours drive away in a dairy farming community in the Alleghenies.  The people there are like, well, Idahoans.  Mainly Republican conservatives.  Only two Democrats have been elected to Congress from my home district since sometime in the 1830s.  One managed to serve 5 terms by voting with Republicans.  The other was gone in two years.

I’m somehow a threat to Idaho social fabric even as I’m a rural, native born Christian citizen.  His beef with me is because I’m opposed to opening the floodgates to Syrian Muslim refugees.  All of whom are likely Democrats because of the promised free lunch borrowed from China and their own government sovereign wealth funds.  Don’t forget the people Bashir Assad has been fighting these recent years also comprise a block known as ISIS.  This country’s experience with hostile immigrants has a twisted history.  The socialists and bomb throwing anarchists of the early last century.  A small and unsuccessful German fifth column in the days before and during World War Two.  I’m also old enough to remember the 1980 Mariel Boatlift, which deposited untold numbers of Cuban criminals on our shores, and which many believe opened the door to the crack cocaine epidemic and wholesale urban slaughter.

There was one major difference with these earlier and sometimes troubled efforts to hammer square pegs into round holes.  The immigrants were of a Judeo-Christian heritage and eventually assimilated into the general milieu of American life.  As for our Muslim friends it won’t be quite as easy.  This morning a Montana native sent me this link about Muslim immigrants in Minnesota.  As Lefty bellows we’re all overreacting about the possibility of Sharia Law.  The men and women in the video are salivating at the possibility of marrying off underage girls and punishing people they perceive as mocking their prophet.

We should also remind all the folks in one head at Better Idaho not to expect Muhammad, A’ishah and Imran to join any “Add the Words” demonstrations at the state capitol, bake a cake for the wedding of Joey and Jimmy or offer tolerance for people who still don’t know what they are when they see themselves in a bathroom mirror.

Enough from me.  I suspect I’ve given the clowns much more exposure than they can ever offer in return.  Better Idaho’s search for relevance slogs along like waders in a muddy stream, albeit.  It does make a funny sound.

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