Most parents wouldn’t want their teenaged or adolescent children going co-ed on overnight field trips.  I’m not going out on a limb but can’t say all parents.  A college friend told us horror stories about her mom and dad encouraging their daughter to smoke marijuana when she was thirteen.  Her father later became dean of a local community college and threatened lawsuits against anyone who would dare bring up his hippy past, still.  He probably stopped short of encouraging her to sleep around in junior high school.  I did two week long field trips in both the 7th and 8th grades.  Our teachers and chaperones were sticklers for discipline.  As a parent I wouldn’t want anything less.

I walked into work Columbus Day and saw a story from Associated Press.  Liberal media in conservative Idaho is cranky because only one school district out of 115 public systems statewide had adopted the new anti-discrimination standards for LGBT students.  I may have the acronym out-of-order.  Johnny still can’t read but we wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings if he chooses to wear skirts to school, call himself Brucelyn and squats to pee.  A couple of weeks ago a lawyer explained to me Idaho is the reddest state in the union but the ruling Republicans aren’t conservative.  Apparently the new guidelines come from a Republican controlled government and state educational establishment.

This morning I was at my desk dark and early and came across this story which you can see at this link.  It appears a second state school district is now on the LGBT bandwagon.  The reporter does write there is at least one school board member uncomfortable with the decision.  Shortly thereafter this paragraph follows:

The new gender identity policy includes a section about school trips, stating transgender students will be assigned rooms based on “the gender identity they consistently assert at school” or to a private room.

Now, may I pose a concern?  When does a young man like Johnny need to discover he actually believes he’s a girl?  Six-months in advance of the field trip?  Six-weeks in advance or the day before?  Because if it’s a sudden revelation and he wants to room with a girl then just who makes the decision about his sincerity?  “Who am I to judge?” might be a somewhat infamous reply.  Not wanting a lawsuit and the wrath of the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender community the school could buckle and honor Johnny’s request.  Then who’ll take responsibility a few weeks after the field trip when it’s discovered his roommate Janey is in a family way?  Will chaperones concerned about the liability cease to volunteer?  Will the school system’s lawyers recommend no field trips in an effort to remove all temptation and any potential fallout?

Are we so cowed in government and academia we can’t just put a foot down and say, “NO!” when the politically correct come-a-calling?  Are schools in Idaho being bribed with extra goodies by the state in order to follow the path to debauchery?  Or does Satan finally have such a stranglehold on everyday life we’re aiding and abetting his designs?  Confused about your gender?  Take off your clothes and go look in a mirror.  Problem solved.

Strange country. Stranger customs.
Strange country. Stranger customs.

Meanwhile, north of the border in liberal la-la land known as Canada there are grave concerns about our brave new world.  This is from the Huffington Post and available by clicking here.  It seems the transgender bathrooms aren’t working out as promised in Toronto.  The peepers are slinging purses over their shoulders and hobbling in high-heels in order to get a look at the opposite sex exposing private parts.  How could this happen?  I know, liberals told us it was a straw man argument.  For all the obsessing liberals do about sex they’re actually quite prudish when it comes to some fellow staring at patent leather shoes in the potty.  We don’t want to hurt the feelings of people who are either confused (insane in many cases) or perverts (insane in many cases) so we tell them they can share hotel rooms, bathrooms and locker rooms with our daughters.  Then when our daughters are hurt in the interactions the average liberal scratches his pointy head and claims we must have forgotten a variable in the laboratory test.  Either that or liberals are dumb asses, satanic or insane or any combination of the three.

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