I get a daily e-mail from the New York Times with all the headlines from the opinion and editorial pages.  This morning the first headline was from a commentary written by a woman angry some states may block the dismemberment of babies or the deaths of babies ripped from their mother's bodies in commission of crimes.  She won’t use those words but insists recent state laws to end the barbaric procedure are harmful to women.  Seriously?  The surest way to avoid unwanted pregnancy is to keep your pants on.  Remember a recent political campaign where a woman supposedly working as an objective TV journalist went ballistic when a candidate suggested an aspirin between the knees was a good source of birth control?  I guess she had never heard the saying before and the dizzy star of TV news must have taken it literally and assumed the Republican politician was a complete fool.  Or she knew the saying but didn’t believe anyone should be restrained from exercising their most carnal desires even at the risk of procreation.  In either case it’s a poor reflection on the people populating journalism, all of whom got their jobs because they were allowed to be born.  As a Roman Catholic I can’t even put a sock on it, which is why I keep my barn door locked.  It’s called discipline.  The really sad thing is the woman making the argument at the Times believes dismemberment and infanticide are for personal convenience.  There is no recognition the baby is a human being endowed with a soul and God given rights.


Cleaning up the remains of the Boston bombing dead, Courtesy, Wikipedia

Just below the whining headline bemoaning restrictions on infanticide the creeps at the Times editorialize about the death penalty and the number of innocent people who could be killed by the state.  Funny, the only totally innocent people at life are little babies in their mother’s wombs.  Does the sick, twisted and plainly evil double standard of the American left make you ill?  It should.  For example, Dzhokar Tsarnaev is clearly not an innocent.  He admitted he placed a bomb next to children lining the route of the Boston Marathon.  Speaking of dismemberment, some were killed when torn to pieces while others survived but still torn to pieces.  I would gladly throw some rope over a tree and dangle Tsarnaev while his feet kicked as he turned blue and gasped for breath.  Maybe I’d even play a recording of the screams from the helpless mothers as they scrambled that horrible day to pick up the remains of their children.  The Times and its fellow travelers will someday have to do much explaining.  Of course they don’t believe in God or if they do they don’t believe in judgment.  The Lord cries out for his children killed in Boston and also when sucked limb from torn limb from wombs.