Why are we letting hoodlums, Muslims and homosexuals run the country?  Since I’m reminded daily in media these minorities are terribly oppressed because they can’t get what they want 100 percent of the time then I’m supposed to surrender or toss myself into an ocean.  My disappearance will somehow act as a balm for the severe wounds they’ve incurred.  Sticks and stones was how my parents raised me and I grew up believing I controlled my own destiny for better or for worse.  The other day I read a piece in the Washington Times about deaths at the hands of police officers.  Black officers kill far more whites than white officers kill blacks.  Why aren’t any of the illiterate, high school dropout street preachers employed by MSDNC leading race riots when a white guy gets killed?  It would appear the issue is best described as people being killed by police and not any specific color.  Note as well police officers carry guns for a reason.  Sometimes the people the police encounter are violent and dangerous.  When being charged by a lion you can choose to be its dinner or you could look to survive another day.

Speaking of the Washington Times, this morning it carries a headline about the film American Sniper.  I saw the movie shortly after release and realized it wasn’t an old war drama of the kind I watched as a kid.  The characters aren’t two dimensional.  The Iraqi Arabs forced to work with the Americans are troubled and live in fear.  Caught between a rock and a hard place.  Chris Kyle is portrayed as deeply haunted by his work.  It doesn’t matter at the University of Maryland.  The Muslim students demanded the film not be screened on campus.  College administration capitulated.  You can read the story here.  At another college where the religion of peace made the same demand the Muslims all admitted they hadn’t actually watched the movie.  Don’t these kids have a sand pile halfway around the world where they would be happier?  My memory isn’t quite as short and they were mostly kindergartners or younger at the time but there was a day when their coreligionists killed 3,000 of my innocent neighbors.  I’m tolerant enough not to demand the expulsion of all Muslims in the United States but don’t think for a moment it hasn’t crossed my mind and the thought is pleasurable.

The Daily Signal has a link this morning, which you can find here, and it details the financial troubles of Christian bakers.  If you recall they refused to bake a wedding cake for Mindy and Mandy.  Never mind the lesbians could’ve gone somewhere else but instead chose to be mean.  Lefty says it was the bakers who were mean but the punitive nature and glee from Mindy and Mandy speaks to a pleasure in vengeance.  Also never mind in recent weeks Muslims have refused to bake cakes for same-sex weddings and remained in business and a Christian minister was arrested after requesting a homosexual bake a cake with biblical inscriptions.  You can guess the quotes from God condemned a certain behavior.

Demanding compliance.
Demanding compliance.

The political class that claims to have our backs on traditional values doesn’t.  It’s because corporate interests are threatening politicians who won’t adopt the latest leftist rage.  The elected have already watched the manufacturing base head overseas and is frightened more defections could cost the jobs they care about the most.  Their own!  The corporate tycoons aren’t making the same demands in the totalitarian lands where most business is now done because the members of the Chinese Politburo aren’t worried about elections and aren’t intimidated.  The duality of corporate policy in America isn’t because the industrial chieftains have big hearts.  There is fear adherence to traditional values here could harm the bottom line.  And since Lefty knows nothing and cares little about what happens elsewhere we get a schizophrenic corporate reaction.

The next assault on traditional culture will be book burning.  The seed is being planted in the opinion pages at the Washington Post.  A link from Pravda-on-the-Potomac’s website can be found here.  White writers are bad, minority authors are good!  Schools will soon be teaching a canon based on the chartreuse, mauve and left-handed experience.

Just a simple question to close today.  How much longer are we going to put up with all of this horse manure?

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