I've never pretended to be the sharpest knife in the drawer. But, there's a listing on Zillow that I can't understand. That's why I need your input. Do you believe this property is worth $2.1 million?

Last time I looked, this was the most expensive home on Zillow. Let me be clear. I'm not saying the home and/or the land isn't nice. And, I'm also not saying that it's not worth the asking price. But, the square footage and features that are listed on Zillow don't normally add up to that kind of price tag.

The physical address is 1907 & 1923 Pole Line Road E, Twin Falls, Idaho. Check out the Zillow listing and see what you think.

The first time I saw this, I thought there might have been a typo or mistake in the listing. But, according to Zillow, this has been listed for 86 days, so I have to presume the information and asking price are correct.

The one wild card is that the property is located near the Canyon. Property with a view that is near the Snake River Canyon can bring in big bucks.

Whatever you do, don't take my word for anything. Listing agent, Chelsea Belnap, knows much more about real estate than I do and can explain the value of this property.

What do you think? Is this a $2.1 million dollar property? I would trust your judgment more than my own.

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