This Thursday morning candidate for Twin Falls City Council is doing a segment on-air.  A few notes about campaigns this year and I hope people will take these to heart.  I host only ten hours of radio weekly and when you subtract news and commercial inventory the actual show is roughly 80 minutes.  Election Day is not far away and I simply wouldn’t have the time to open the door to every candidate in the listening area, however.  Twin Falls is Newsradio 1310 KLIX’s city-of-license.  I will make time available for council candidates if and when I can.

I’m not a human microphone stand and still plan time for guests on a variety of other topics and also to discuss issues with my audience.  People often assume talk radio hosts are always looking for guests.  In all honesty if I had a choice of guests or no guests I’d take the latter.  The most successful radio talk show in the history of the medium has probably had no more than 10 guests over a quarter century.

What I’m trying to say is I’m not giving away the entire show to candidates.  My obligation is good radio but I’m willing to include some candidates on-air.  Since the number of office seekers is large I may not be able to reach out to everyone.  Please reach out to me at  Also please do it soon.  Come November 1st I want this wrapped up.  Too often candidates want last minute appearances and then opponents want rebuttal and there just isn’t any time available.  Translation:  Schedule with me soon because on-air time is a finite resource.