I'll say one thing. It sure is pretty. There's a new farm that's available in Sun Valley and it looks like it could be from a fairy tale.

See all this Sun Valley goodness for yourself. The physical address is 419 Juniper Road in Sun Valley. It's a massive 5-bed, 6-bath estate that covers an incredible 4,389 square feet.

The even better news is that it's inexpensive (by Sun Valley real estate standards). That means it costs a fortune. The asking price is a cool $2.895 million. But, if you look at what's included on the property, you begin to understand how this will get a lot of people's attention to our north. It has a deck, hot tub and log gazebo. I don't even know what a log gazebo is, but I bet it's awesome.

If you want more info, you can check out the full Zillow listing and video on Vimeo.

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