My friend, Lt. Colonel Steve Hyle (AF, Ret.), is a prodigious writer.  He has some thoughts on efforts to restrict any sign of faith in his beloved US Air Force.  Colonel Hyle was acquainted with former Chiefs-of-Staff Curtis LeMay and John C. McConnell.  The following are Steve's words on the latest affront to the traditions of our military:


Memorial at Patrick AFB, Courtesy, Lt. Colonel Steve Hyle
Memorial at Patrick AFB, Courtesy, Lt. Colonel Steve Hyle

Recently, the Air Force removed the POW/MIA Table at the Patrick AFB, Florida Riverside Dining Facility. And why was this table, a long standing tradition in many military facilities as well as American Legions and VFWs removed? Because it had a Bible on it.

First, I will explain the meaning of this special table for those who may not know. It is set for six. The empty chairs represent Americans who were or are missing from each of the services – Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard – and civilians, all with us in spirit.

The table is round – to show our everlasting concern. The cloth is white – symbolizing the purity of their motives when answering the call to serve. The single red rose reminds us of the lives of these Americans….and their loved ones and friends who keep the faith, while seeking answers.
The red ribbon symbolizes our continued determination to account for them. A slice of lemon reminds us of the bitter fate of those captured and missing in a foreign land. A pinch of salt symbolizes the tears of our missing and their families who long for answers after decades of uncertainty. The lighted candle reflects our hope for their return – alive or dead.

The Bible represents the strength gained through faith in our country, founded as one nation under God, to sustain those lost from our midst. The glass is inverted – to symbolize their inability to share a toast.
It seems an officer, an atheist, at Patrick AFB wrote to his Congressman and complained about the table's presence because it violated the separation of church and state. The base commander was subsequently pressed by higher authorities in the chain of command to remove the Bible. The Bible is a critical component of the MIA/POW Table. So without it, why even have the table and therefore it was removed.

I cannot think of a more despicable act. Because for an overwhelming predominance of our POWs, it was their Christian faith that sustained them throughout their captivity. Our military leadership has been so politicized and beaten down by political correctness that they will dishonor those who gave above and beyond in service to our country to appease one godless piss ant atheist officer.

It is occurrences such as this that signal we are getting closer every day to being beyond hope for America's future.

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