The government apparently cares about how much noise you hear. They've just done something that the government isn't known for. They've released some brand new data and maps that show where you are more likely to hear transportation noise. In Twin Falls, "X" does mark the spot.

This new study is based on data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. It shows the places in the Magic Valley where vehicle noise is most likely to affect you. In a shock to no one, the Magic Valley Regional Airport has the biggest noise signature on the map.

But, you'll also notice that Twin Falls major streets are also major culprits. Shoshone, Addison, Blue Lakes and Pole Line will also drive you crazy if noise bothers you. Washington Street also doesn't win any points for being subtle. The closer you are to any of these areas, the more noise you'll live with.

What about the areas where you're most likely to find relative peace and quiet? Better look for a home around Rock Creek, the southern part of Kimberly or maybe the northern parts of Filer.

No doubt there are other sources of noise, but if the traffic variety is your biggest concern, check out the complete map.

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