For those in Idaho that enjoy getting outdoors and searching for old artifacts, there is a spot up north that draws a good number of treasure seekers every year with hopes of bringing home million year old fossils.

Located in the city of Clarkia, Idaho, is a spot known for fossil digging that allows people to hunt for, and take home, ancient remains of animal and plant life. The area is known as the Fossil Bowl, and is located about 400 miles north of Twin Falls.

The Fossil Bowl in Clarkia is a local hot spot for rock hounds. A large area features acres of old layered rock beds, and if you bring the right tools and know where to look, you can uncover fossils dating back between 10 and 20 million years.

Aside from a known abundance of conifer and fish fossils, precious gems such as Huckleberry Garnet are known to be found in the area. The city allows for annual digs throughout the year. Dinosaur remains have also been found near this site.

The fossil bowl's Facebook page also has links to tutorials that show people who want to learn how to properly split rock when fossil digging, as well as which tools best work. For those that haven't explored much of the northern portion of Idaho, this is a stop that should be included in your road trip if you are interested in this hobby.

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