Tonight's the night! Catching Fire is being released. Most of the people going to the premier tonight are females, but I know several husbands that have a slight interest in the movie. Like the rest of us they want to know what happens to Katniss and Peeta.Other men would argue that the movie is a chick flick and they will NOT be going to the movies tonight.

Show times in Twin Falls:

Twin Cinema 12 is offering a Double Feature tonight for just $12
See Hunger Games (PG-13) at 5:15 Then Catching Fire (PG-13) at 8:00
See Both Features on the 50 ft. Big Screen

Magic Valley Cinema 13
1485 Pole Line Road East, Twin Falls, ID
‎Catching Fire Show Times are 8:00‎ -  8:30‎ - ‎9:00pm‎