Thankfully, it won't be long before the Boise State Band will be practicing in the stadium parking lot. It's a welcomed sign that college football season is just around the corner.

However, who can recognize the game anymore since Power Four conferences can now pay players? Who knows what the consequences of that deal will have on programs like Boise State?

Then again, there are no programs like Boise State Football. The Boise media announced that the Broncos had signed a deal to play Appalachian State. Is there a state called Appalachia? Can you guess where App State is located?



With all due respect to App State, it's in one of the most beautiful parts of the country: Boone, North Carolina. Like Boise State, it's beaten big teams while working its way up the college football ladder.

Imagine this: a forty-team super league. That's the intriguing concept proposed in a recent article by The Sporting News.   Boise State and Air Force were the only non-Power Four teams, along with Notre Dame, which has its conference of one.

Boise State now has to share the national spotlight with programs like Liberty, Memphis, and others who've been left out of the big conferences. The team was so good ten years ago they couldn't be ignored, beating teams like Georgia and Virginia Tech on national television.

The team's biggest game, Oregon, on the 2024 schedule will be on a streaming platform called Peacock. Without the exposure, Boise State will continue to be another one of those schools instead of the school.

The team needs to rethink its strategy of only playing games in the country's Western half. If the Broncos can travel to Georgia Southern, why not have them travel to Ohio State?

That's a game that is too big to be ignored.

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