A petition has been started by the Idaho Family Policy Center to stop drag events in public places. According to the petition, they state drag events are perverse and are preying on the innocence of children. 

Petition To Prevent Public Drag Events

The petition compares drag events to adult magazines, adult movie stores, strip clubs, and other places children are not permitted to be. The petition is to request that all drag events are banned from public places or anywhere children may be. The petition will be sent to state lawmakers to try and implement legal reform.

The Petition Description Of Drag Events

The petition specifically calls out several events around Idaho, including a drag event that occurred at May Alice Park on Main Street. The petition also states that drag events are destroying the innocence of children and they, along with public virtue, must be protected.

The real question is, how many people are going to sign it? I believe people should do what they feel is right, for themselves and their families. The petition states that the people of the Idaho Family Policy Center believe that the drag events are marketed toward impressionable children to corrupt them.

There are some other claims in the petition that I will not delve into because I can't confirm or deny the sources on my own. That being said, the information is right here if you would like to read more.

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