When it comes to summer in Idaho, for many it is their favorite time of year. It is a chance to get out of the house, go hiking, biking, camping, fishing, and enjoying time out on the water. There are some incredible lakes and rivers around the Gem State, that offer plenty of fun. You can relax by the water, swim, go boating, tubing, kayaking, and many will do some of these activities over the next few months this summer. When it comes to choosing which body of water to enjoy this summer, the decision can be tough, but be aware that one lake might be home to a monster you don't want to meet.

Legendary Monster in Idaho Lake

Many mythical creatures are well-known around the world. Almost everyone has heard of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and Yeti. Everyone has their stances on whether these creatures are real or not and where they are hiding if they exist. There are many theories and many that claim to have evidence of seeing these mythical creatures. There is one in Idaho as well, which might be less known, but has a long history of being spotted. What type of monster is living in Idaho, and where is it located? 

Sharlie the Lake Monster in Idaho

The legend of Sharlie the lake monster goes back decades, and many have claimed to have spotted the creature. Sharlie is said to live in Payette Lake, near McCall, Idaho. The monster was first reported in the 1920s. Since then, through the years many have claimed to see a monster in the lake, with some videos, like the one above, attempting to prove Sharlie's existence. One of the most notorious stories about the monster took place in 1944 when a group of people claimed to see a monster in the water that was described as, 'at least 35 feet long, with a dinosaur-type head, pronounced jaw, humps like a camel, and shell-like skin.' That sounds similar to another well-known creature in Loch Ness Lake.

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There have been many other sightings, and to see the history of Sharlie, make sure to click the link above. The name didn't come into existence until 1954 when a group described seeing Slimy Slim in the water. The locals decided the name needed to change, as Slimy Slim didn't fit. After a contest, the name Sharlie was decided and has stuck ever since. If you are heading to Payette Lake this summer, make sure to keep your eyes open and be careful. You never know when Sharlie may pop up.

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