What would you do? What would you do if you had a friend, a family member, or a coworker you know pass away? Grief would follow, tears, and heartache, but in terms of on social media and in your phone, would you keep them as a contact or a friend? You know they aren't coming back and will not text or call you, and you know they won't be posting and updating their social media, but would you delete them or keep them? Why would you keep them? Why would you delete them? The next time you lose someone close to you, what would you do?

Losing a Friend, Coworker, or Family Member

Credit: Solen Feyissa on Unsplash
Credit: Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

Loss is always hard to deal with, especially when it is somebody you are close to. We will all deal with loss of some sort in our lives, with some dealing with more than others. How each person handles grief and loss is different. One tough decision to make these days that other generations never had to deal with is what to do with the contact on your phone or a friend on social media that has passed away. You can stay friends with them to help you cope and to go back and look at pictures and memories from time to time, but be aware that there won't be new posts or interactions with the person. In terms of phone contacts, you know they won't be calling and there will be no need to use the phone number in the future, so do you keep it or delete it?

Coping with Loss Through Social Media and Phone Contacts


For some, keeping a friend on Facebook that has passed away might be needed to help them cope and grieve the loss. Seeing the memories and seeing pictures may help. It keeps their memory alive and allows others to wish them a happy birthday every year or write on their wall as a memorial of sorts. Sometimes, it isn't your choice, as a family member or spouse may delete the account. When it comes to phone numbers, sometimes seeing them in your phone can help you grieve as well, but it could hurt more, knowing that the number will never call or you will never use it either. It is a tough choice, and there is no right or wrong answer. 

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I have lost a few friends over the last couple of years and I still am Facebook friends with all of them, as well as I still have their phone numbers in my phone. Some of these people have been gone for a couple of years, with others being gone for several. I have no logic or reasoning for why I have not deleted them, but I continue to keep them, with no intention to delete them. I know people that will delete contacts soon after, knowing that they don't need the number anymore, but will keep the Facebook friendship. The next time you have to deal with a tough loss and scroll through Facebook or your contacts, what would you do? 

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