What would you do? What would you do if you were out with your family at dinner or running errands and saw a coworker in the store or restaurant? Do you approach them? Do you avoid them? Do you bring it up the next day that you saw them, if you didn't speak to them? How much of a factor is it on which coworker you see? After a long day or week at work, it is likely the last people you want to see out in public are your coworkers, which is why these are typically the most awkward exchanges. If you see a coworker in Idaho out in public, what would you do? 

Seeing Coworkers in Public in Idaho

Credit: monkeybusinessimages
Credit: monkeybusinessimages

It is often said that we spend more time with our coworkers than we do with our own families. Many Idahoans work far past a 40-hour week, giving them plenty of time with their coworkers, which is why when the day ends and the week ends, they are the last people you want to interact with. From time to time, you will run into them out in public, and it can make for some uncomfortable situations. The conversations are always awkward and uneasy. You have to introduce them to your family, friends, or whomever you are with. You have to try and make small chit-chat, and while you talk, you secretly are planning on how to get out of the conversation, and wondering how long you talk to not be rude. 

How to Handle Seeing Coworkers in Public

Credit: BananaStock
Credit: BananaStock

At work, things flow naturally, because there is a common interest. You talk about work, something that happened the night before, or perhaps a sporting event, movie, or show you saw. When you run into a coworker in the store or at a restaurant, what do you talk about? To make matters worse, what if the person you run into, is the coworker you like the least? Do you try to avoid them altogether, or do you say a cordial hello and go about your day? How the situation is handled can dictate how the next few days at work will go, especially if they saw you and you ignored them.

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Not all coworkers are uncomfortable to see in public, but many are. These situations are not fun for anyone and give most of us anxiety. The only thing worse than running into a coworker in public is running into your boss. The next time you see a coworker at the store, pumping gas, or at a restaurant, what would you do? 

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