Many stores have been closing lately in the Magic Valley. You can click here to see some of the stores that closed in 2022, with more to close in 2023. Since the pandemic, many companies and businesses haven't been able to rebound. Small and local businesses have closed their doors for good, some major chains have filed for bankruptcy, and even bigger companies have had to close multiple stores across the country. For the most part, the major stores in the United States, such as Target, Walmart, Costco, Ross, TJ Max, and others have found a way to continue to thrive. While it is unlikely these massive chains will begin closing, if some of the bigger stores in Twin Falls like Walmart, Target, and Costco decided to close the branch or were forced to, how would it affect the Magic Valley?

Major Stores Closing in Twin Falls and the Magic Valley

Credit: Grant Beirute on Unsplash
Credit: Grant Beirute on Unsplash

While the odds are slim that any of the major stores in Twin will close soon if they did it could decimate the town. Target, Costco, and Walmart all employ a good number of residents in the area and surrounding towns. Once these people lose their jobs, they could apply for other stores in the area, but not everyone would be able to find income, thus leaving some residents with no other option but to leave. The closing of these stores would hurt other stores as well. Many people in the Magic Valley will drive to Twin Falls to shop at Target and Costco, and even though there are other Walmarts around, the one in Twin is bigger than the one in Jerome. Many of these people will come to Twin, shop at these big stores, and then stop at other local stores while in town. Without the need to come to Twin, if these stores are closed, then other businesses would suffer as well, losing these customers.

Fallout if Major Stores Close in Twin Falls

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Not only would other stores suffer and the employees, but where would you go to do your shopping? Many residents of the Magic Valley use Costco to load up on certain items, that you can only get at Costco. With that no longer an option would it send people to WinCo or Albertson's? With Walmart being used for multiple purposes such as grocery shopping, tires, toys, toiletries, gardening, tools, clothing, and a pharmacy all at one location, it would mean more stops running errands, which means more gas and more time away from home. With Target and Walmart, gone, would it increase the amount of online shopping in Twin Falls even more? There would need to be adjustments made, and perhaps the option to drive further to find these types of stores is the one that wins out, which again, means more gas and more money spent.

Big Stores Have Closed in Twin Falls Before

Credit: Tim Mossholder on Unsplash
Credit: Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Stores like Bed, Bath, and Beyond, which many consider a big store have closed their doors recently in Twin Falls. Old Navy, Chipotle, Papa John's, and Popeyes have all come and gone at one time or another in Twin Falls. Each closed for different reasons and most have even returned, but these chains that typically see success elsewhere have closed in Twin. If Walmart, Target, or Costco were to see financial problems in the future and had to start closing stores, who is to stay they wouldn't start with the ones in Twin? It isn't the biggest market, and if stores need to be closed, the ones that bring in the least amount of money and are in the smallest markets would be first, and Twin is likely on that list, due to the population. 

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While we continue to watch more and more stores across the Magic Valley close, hopefully, the major stores remain open and continue to thrive, so we don't have to find out what the fallout would be. Chaos would likely happen in terms of lost revenue to the town, jobs lost and figuring out where to shop. So long as these stores stay open though, this is all a what-if that we hope to never find out an answer to. 

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