The 4th of July is still days away and the nights are already being filled with loud noises that keep neighbors up late.

Though that could sound like normal Idaho, the loud noises right now aren’t the constantly barking dogs, it’s the screeching and booming of fireworks causing the issue for some. The dogs are interestingly quiet this time of year as they seem to be the ones upset with the noise for a change.

When Can You Set Off Fireworks in Idaho

Like it or not as a human or canine, fireworks are legal right now in Idaho. That is, as long as they fall under the legal fireworks definition for the state and city. For example, in Twin Falls, fireworks can be set off between June 23rd and July 5th as long as they are lit between 8 AM and Midnight.

So, you can be as mad as you want that you can’t sleep and your dog is hiding in the bathtub (my biggest dog is the same - terrified of fireworks) but as long as the fireworks are legal ones, you either have to deal with it or nicely ask your neighbors to stop.

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But, remember this is the United States of America and the 4th of July is our celebration of independence, and the right to blow stuff up, there’s a good chance your neighbor will set off more fireworks as a form of proving a point.

Credit Canva by Firn from Getty Images
Credit Canva by Firn from Getty Images

What Fireworks are Legal in Idaho

Fireworks that leave the ground and explode high in the sky are illegal in Idaho. There are some stands that will sell you aerial fireworks in Idaho, but that doesn’t make them legal. According to the City of Twin Falls regulations, if the fireworks leave the ground or explode, they are illegal.

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Using fireworks, legal or not, outside of the dates and times listed above and in the code for each city can result in penalty fines of up to $156.50 and the seizure and destruction of the fireworks.

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