There’s a new list out of the most popular amusement parks in North America. They didn’t just do the United States because they had to include one from Canada.

But, that’s part of the issue with the list: they included a park from Canada I’ve never heard of along with others from around the states that I had to look up and didn’t include anything in or near Idaho.

Between Lagoon, Silverwood, and Roaring Springs We Have Great Options

I can’t speak personally to the greatness of the Silverwood Theme Park in Northern Idaho, but people seem to love it and the pictures and videos I’ve seen look awesome. The only downside is the 8 hour drive from Southern Idaho to get there. Instead I can drive less than 3 hours and get to Lagoon in Utah or Roaring Springs in Meridian.

Yes, we are counting a water park as an amusement park because in the national list they included Animal Kingdom in Florida and Sea World in California which have less than a dozen roller coasters between the two of them. Really, the list is a lineup of theme parks, if the semantics matter to you.

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The main point is, we got snubbed. But - that’s a good thing. All the theme parks on the list below have massive lines you have to wait in and sometimes require extra payment to ride or skip a line. At Lagoon, you can ride Colossus and then get right back on some days without waiting in line. Or you can skip the line if you ride as a solo person on Cannibal.

Anyway, here’s the national list:

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To prove how great and underrated Lagoon and Roaring Springs are, check out these galleries of their best rides. We didn’t include Primordial on the Lagoon list because we haven’t been able to ride it yet. Roaring Springs also has a bunch of new rides and more they are adding over the next few years.

Best Rides At Lagoon Amusement Park

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Best Rides At Roaring Springs

Gallery Credit: Credit N8

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