An injury crash in Southern Idaho on Sunday morning sent a young driver to the hospital

The accident was a single-vehicle rollover in Twin Falls County, near Castleford.

Credit Canva/Google Maps
Credit Canva/Google Maps

19-Year-Old Driver Injured in Twin Falls County Car Crash

The police report says a 19-year-old male driver from Kimberly, Idaho was injured in the crash. The rollover happened on 3700 N/Balanced Rock Road at 550 E in Twin Falls County, to the East of Castleford.

A 19-year-old male, from Kimberly, was traveling westbound on 3700 E in a 2003 Ford F250 where the driver left the roadway and the vehicle rolled. The driver was not wearing a seatbelt and was transported via air ambulance to the hospital.

The accident blocked both the east and westbound lanes for around 4 hours. Idaho State Police are investigating the accident.

The injured teen was not wearing his seatbelt, marking another crash where the injuries might have been avoided. To highlight the importance of seatbelt usage, the Idaho State Police have begun a statewide seatbelt enforcement effort starting today to June 2nd.

In a police report, ISP shares the reason for their current effort:

From May 20 to June 2, 2024, ISP troopers will participate in a statewide effort to enforce seat belt laws and educate Idahoans on the importance of drivers and passengers to buckle up. According to OHS survey data, 87% of Idahoans decide to wear a seat belt, which is easy and increases the odds of surviving a crash by 50%. Unfortunately, in 2022, 66% of the passenger motor vehicle occupants killed in crashes were not wearing a seat belt.

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ISP are also investigating a fatal accident in Fruitland on Monday morning at 10:04. The crash happened on US95 at milepost 63.

A 2006 Dodge Durango, driven by a 55-year-old male from Caldwell, was traveling northbound when it was driven left of center and collided with a southbound 2022 Ford Maverick. The 2022 Ford Maverick was driven by a 53-year-old male.

The driver of the Durango was transported via air ambulance to a local hospital. The driver of the Ford was transported via ground ambulance to a local hospital and succumbed to his injuries.

The accident blocked the road for 2 hours.

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