Spring has sprung Twin Falls. It's time to pull those old, dead roots out of pots, refill the bird feeders, test the drip systems, plant new seeds, and strategize on how to combat those pests that target your garden flowers and plants.

There is no shortage of pests that crawl, zigzag, squirm, wriggle, and fly throughout southern Idaho gardens in search of a snack that usually ends up being our favorite plants and flowers. As far as bugs in our garden, we usually end up with very minimal damage. The squirrels on the other hand are incredibly annoying buggers and make a habit of climbing the bird feeders where they proceed to jostle them about with such force that the feed mix gets flung all over the place.

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We also get visited almost nightly by the same trio of hungry raccoons thanks to my wife feeding a stray cat in the neighborhood. They use the garden as an escape route on their way out after devouring the last bits of cat kibble.

In Idaho, the number one garden pest is the aphid. Aphids are tiny, green insects that suck the life out of flowers and leave them riddled with holes. There are numerous species of these buggers and they all feast in large numbers. There are a number of products sold to control these pests.

Good luck to all you southern Idaho gardeners this spring with your efforts to keep everything looking vibrant and neatly landscaped.

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