When we go camping in the wooded lands of Idaho, we are entering bug country. One rather beefy insect that thrives in the forest and has an impressive wingspan is known to visit fireside campers in the middle of the night.

Moths have never bothered me. My wife is terrified of them and always yells to me to remove them from the house. When camping, I refuse to kill bugs or insects because the outdoors are these creatures' homes. When they get into our trailer, my wife can't focus on anything else until they are relocated; it's hilarious.

YouTube video recently posted in Idaho shows the insect close-up. They are pretty cool looking and aren't afraid of human contact.

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If she were to ever have a Blinded Sphinx land on her, I'm not sure she'd survive the anxiety attack. These moths live primarily in heavily wooded areas and are nocturnal, and of course, love a good campfire.

Blinded Sphinx also have wingspans up to 4 inches long, according to butterfliesandmoths.org. They are primarily reddish-brown and are not blind at all. They get their name from the circular patterns on their wings, according to insectidentifcation.org.

A YouTube video recently posted in Idaho shows the insect close-up. They are pretty cool looking and aren't afraid of human contact.

Next time you're camping and one zips past your head and directly into the firepit, there's a chance it was a Blinded Sphinx. Of course, there are over 160,000 different species of the insect worldwide (Smithsonian), so it won't always be the case.

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