Depression and anxiety affect millions of people throughout the world. One Twin Falls resident who has personally witnessed numerous patient treatments at a city clinic has described the experience as "life-changing."

I've shared my brother's experiences battling alcoholism, explosive personality disorder, and depression over the past decade with my southern Idaho readers before. His struggles have also had a major health impact on the rest of the family as well, myself included. Traditional rehabilitation treatment hasn't come close to working for him on numerous occasions, but my family continues to support and encourage him as families should.

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I've learned there's no such thing as "rock bottom" for some people battling a combination of mental health issues. When you think you've experienced someone's lowest point in this process, you soon come to find out that the floor is like an elevator that never stops going down. Depression is as tormenting an illness as any.

I recently finished an interview with a Twin Falls man who has been greatly impacted by close to two dozen local residents who have received treatment for depression and anxiety at Infused Health in Twin Falls. The clinic specializes in hydration, supplement, ketamine, and other medical infusions to treat anxiety, pain, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive-compulsive disorders, and other ailments. The facility has been described as a "spa-like atmosphere," and includes a staff that is "professional, welcoming, and knowledgable."

I had a chance to read some of the patient testimonials myself. I conducted the interview with an agreement of anonymity.

"Since my fifth treatment about six weeks ago, I haven't had any debilitating anxiety episodes like I was having before, and the depression has improved," said one patient.

This patient underwent a ketamine infusion at the suggestion of a therapist, and at one point felt that nothing would help with getting the depression and anxiety under control.

"I am back to work full-time and am better able to keep up on daily activities."

Infused Health opened in Twin Falls in August of 2022 at 1411 Falls Avenue East #207. The clinic is operating with a 95% success rate, according to the information I've been given.

If you know someone who is suffering from anxiety, pain, PTSD, medication-resistant depression, or some other debilitating physical or mental health issue, you can reach the center at 208-244-0021.

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