Will Ferrell has been spotted hanging out about 130 miles north of Twin Falls. He reportedly walked into a bar earlier this week with some friends while taking part in a fishing trip.

Mackay, Idaho, is about a two-and-a-half-hour drive northeast of Twin Falls. According to YouTube, the famous comedian stopped into Perk's Place and shot some pool. He took some photographs with some patrons and hung out for a while wearing a black beanie.

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Will Ferrell shot to stardom while he was a cast member for Saturday Night Live. His films include Old School, Wedding Crashers, Zoolander, Step Brothers, and A Night at the Roxbury. Ferrell isn't the only famous actor to visit Idaho this year.

Henry Winkler was seen fishing in central Idaho earlier this summer. The Happy Days star stops in the Gem State every year to fish on the Snake River. He has also been seen in southeastern Idaho on the river.

The images shared to YouTube showing Ferrell shooting pool at the Mackay watering hole show a small group of patrons surrounding the table he was playing at. It's not known if the actor had lunch or where he was heading afterward. Mackay is located in south central Idaho, which is surrounded by great fishing locations.

It must have been quite a thrill for those in the bar hanging out to see Will Ferrell walk through the door. They are no doubt lucky to have met the actor.

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