An upcoming movie inspired by true events is getting quite the buzz after its recent trailer release. Idaho has three common apex predators that can be found in the mountains throughout the state. Hypothetically speaking, which one of these animals would pose the largest threat to hikers, campers, and hunters if it got into someone's cocaine stash?

This story poses an obviously silly scenario. A movie with a plot surrounding a bear that gets hold of a large amount of cocaine and consumes it is scheduled for release at theaters in the United States on February 24, 2023. It's called Cocaine Bear, and is based on actual events that happened in the mountains of Georgia in the mid-eighties.


Examples of apex predators in Idaho would be bears, wolves, and bald eagles. Mountain lions can be considered apex predators in certain regions of the state, but not in northern Idaho where wolves and bears are in high numbers. Bears are, without a doubt, the most powerful animals roaming Idaho's landscape, and encountering one in the wild would be most people's worst outdoor nightmare.

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The deceased bear that the film is based on is actually on display at a Kentucky mall. It was discovered by a hunter surrounded by chewed-up bags of cocaine thought to have been thrown from a plane by drug dealers. Bears are known to break into people's houses pretty regularly, so the idea of a bear getting into someone's drug stash isn't that far-fetched.

Would a coked-up bear be too much for an Idaho hunter to handle?

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