It's about time this part of the country is getting recognized. One of (if not THE) most underrated areas in the country just got called out as being one of the most peaceful places in America.

The Jarbidge Wilderness north of Elko just got named one of the top 11 places where you can escape the world by Only In Your State. It's amazing to me that the rest of the world is just now waking up to what this part of our area has to offer.

I realize that technically they were talking about the Jarbidge Wilderness proper in Nevada, but I'm gonna graft in the Jarbridge river area also that begins in southwestern Idaho.

If you look at a map, it's easy to understand how this part of the country gets overlooked. There are not a lot of obvious ways to get there. Unless you want to go down 225 and do some major league hiking from one of the lakes on the west side, you'll need to explore many unmarked roads off of 93.

That's the beauty of it all. Wanna get away from "the world" along with its traffic? Go here. Tranquility 101.

Even the Wikipedia page about Jarbidge is delightfully vague about why it's awesome. Let's keep it that way.

Therein lies the rub. I'm happy to see this area get a nod, but let's please not let this secret get too popular. That's its charm.

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