During San Diego Comic-Con 2014, sellers of outstanding rare art prints and vinyl records, Mondo, revealed it would be getting into the collectible figure game. Not ones to do things halfheartedly, Mondo announced one of its first two figures would be of the Iron Giant from the beloved animated film of the same name.

Now, some six months later, Mondo is opening pre-orders for the fantastic figure, and ahead of the pre-sale, has given us a host of new images and details to gawk at while we try to come up with a way to afford the impressive piece.

Last July, all we really got to see of the Iron Giant was the base figure. Mondo's Justin Ishmael shared a few details at the time, including noting all the accessories that would be included with the 16-inch figure. Now we get our first glimpse at all the goodies in one place.




As you can see, the Iron Giant will be fully poseable, with 30 points of articulation. He'll also come with a sitting Hogarth to perch on his shoulder, a "war arm" to swap out for battle mode, a girder to snack on, and the memorable seafood sign with a magnetic, detachable "S" that can be placed on the Iron Giant's chest. There's also an additional head included that shows off Iron Giant's angry side.

A second, deluxe version of the figure will include all the things listed above, as well as a third hand. The "Hand Under Foot" is included so you can recreate the memorable scene where the loose hand runs amok through the farmhouse. Both versions of the figure will include light-up features, as well as a sound feature for the Iron Giant to say a few lines from the film such as, "I am Groot." [Mondo didn't actually reveal just what quotes would be included.]

The standard Iron Giant figure will be available for $300, and is limited to 1000 pieces. and does not have an edition limit. The deluxe version will be available for $315, and will have a production run of just 250 pieces.




To help promote the pre-sale, Mondo took one of the production samples to Iron Giant director Brad Bird to show off the progress. You can see just how happy he is seeing his animated creation brought to life, and get an idea of just how big the Iron Giant will be when released. We're actually kind of jealous he got one already.

Mondo's Iron Giant figures will be released in Q3 of 2015, but pre-orders will open at a random time Thursday, Jan. 22. You can keep tabs on the when by following Mondo on Twitter, and crossing your fingers that you'll be one of the first 1250 people through the gate to obtain one of these stellar collectibles.