Whenever something like the elementary shooting in Connecticut happens, all the experts get together in a big confab of brains and try to figure out what's causing this.  There is no way to explain it, justify it or analyze it and come away with any kind of an answer that makes any sense.

Unless...you look at what this country, America, has done to God over the past years.  The more we make him unwelcome in our schools, our homes, our government and even some of our churches, the more this type of thing happens.  And yet the intellectuals are quick to point out how that could have nothing to do  with it...why those are just the ideas of a zealot and a nutcase. (Not the shooting...the thought that our problem is kicking God out!)   There must be some sort of a "human" explanation.

The first target of the "intellectuals" will be the guns.  I will not politicize this issue at length with a gun control debate right now but we've had guns for hundreds of years.  We have NOT had mass murderers on the scale we have today for that long.  Something has changed...and it's been recently.  And if more laws against guns would help then why don't they work with meth and cocaine?

The term "the world has gone nuts" comes to mind to me today.  There are so many thoughts going through my mind that it's difficult to put them all down here.  Right now I just want to hug my wife, my kids and my grand kids and do whatever I can to protect them.